Friday, September 26, 2008

Quirks and whatnots

So, Bop has tagged me for this quirky blogesque chain mail thing. I was never very good with the chain letters Elaine, so consider yourself honored. I'm supposed to list 6 quirks and then tag 6 people. So, here I go:

1. When I was a kid a spent a good 5 years convinced that my sister was a vampire. Seriously. I used to go to sleep at night and pray "please Lord don't let Erin come and suck my blood tonight, Amen". This belief was due to an exposure to "Dark Shadows" and an overactive imagination. Plus my sister was seriously scary as a child.

2. I get nauseous when people burp really loud. You know, the loud ones where you can hear their insides rubbing together? It makes me queasy. I made the mistake of telling some people this when I was in college and then had to plug my ears for 4 years as they tortured me.

3. My feet must be clean before I go to bed each night. I can go a few days without showering if need be, but if my feet aren't clean I get all wigged out. I don't like for my toes to have that grimy texture when I rub them together. eigh.

4. I am an extremely nervous driver...not to the point where I am a danger, but to the point where if I have to pass a semi, I wait until I have a clear shot and then floor it so that I can pass him asap. I have to use all of my self control not to close my eyes during this process.

5. I am completely terrified by Willie Nelson. Something about his long freaky braids just screams "Molester" to me. I feel like he's going to tie me up with his hair. And that's just scary. Once my dad gave me a Willie Nelson CD for Christmas (he was unaware of my fears) and when I opened it up I screamed and threw it across the room, hitting the dog. I think I hurt his feelings...There was a lot of apologizing.

6. I like to mix honey mustard and horseradish sauce. It's the best. Sometimes I'll plan an entire meal around getting to use it.

Okay, I tag:

Mama Debbie





Dan Cone

rules: link to the person who tagged you, post the rules on your blog, tell 6 quirks about yourself, tag 6 fellow bloggers, and comment on their blogs to alert them of their assignment.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Missing Mexico

I think our time off last year may have ruined me. It's pretty much a given that any time life is stressful and I need a break from here on out I'm going to long for the lovely sandy breeziness of Meh-i-co.


...putting down some roots?