Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Fall Pictoral Update

A Minnesota Twilight
Wooded Wanderings

Panoramic Views

A Desert Dwelling
Impromtu Puppet Show
Sad Losses


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Subpar Media Outlets.

A two point post today, related topics:

1. Why are Christian Radio hosts always so cheery? It's really weird and completely annoying. We have a great Christian radio station here...they play a great variety of really good music...a nice mix of worship songs and Christian rock. I listen to them in the mornings on the way to work...until the hosts come on and start talking, and then I have to change the station. It's just too much. It's like listening to a combination of Kelly Ripa, Rachel Ray, and those annoying people at church who are just a little to "fake" about their know, the ones who are very interested in keeping up apperances, even when life sucks. It bugs the dickens out of me. Why can't a Christian media outlet be full of real people who have real feelings and are relatable? These falsely cheery types just don't do it for me.

2. So we just signed up for cable service, after an 18 months self-imposed absence. It's pretty nice. We have a DVR now which, don't even get me started, is pretty much the best invention since the television. I love love love it. We also have a station designated for promoting Barack Obama. It's called Obama TV. 24 hrs a day they run Obama advertisements. Mostly shots of him looking thoughful and presidential laid-over with clips of him sounding thoughtful and presidential. Tom's been watching it. And lately he's started quoting it, just to tick me off. It works.

...putting down some roots?