Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Fall Pictoral Update

A Minnesota Twilight
Wooded Wanderings

Panoramic Views

A Desert Dwelling
Impromtu Puppet Show
Sad Losses



AtlantaMama said...

awe.... these are great!! where were these taken? I MISS YOU LOVE!

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Love the pictures! Love you two! Your Sister called on the first of October to say Happy Autumn. I guess that we'll have to start serious Fall celebration. Mine has been fab so far with the visits of both my girls and my Caroline too! Happy Autumn!!

Dan said...

I swear you got the "Wooded Wanderings" pose from some rock album cover somewhere; I swear I've seen it before.

And yes, that AL-GA game was painful...though the people I saw it with (Darren & Tara) were obviously quite pleased with the result.

Sutton said...

I love you. I miss my family.

omg. Mom said "fab."

carolineb said...

So glad for the laughter with friends. For you. Your mom and me laughed and laughed in some of those places.

Sutton said...
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Sutton said...

Hey, mrs blogstipated.

My word veri today is hypirdst. haha. funny

...putting down some roots?