Saturday, November 15, 2008


So. Sister thinks I have blogstipation. She's fact I am just very short on time of late.

I've started a new job (yay me), which is pretty dadgum cool...except they monitor internet useage. :-( I can email and everything, but stuff like blogs and 'Face-space' might trigger some little alarms. I'm treading lightly...since I'm new. So, b/c we don't have internet at the house I have to come to the library these days to blog. And that's just not always convinent.

So, sorry blogworld. I haven't forgotten you, but I'm just busy. And those of you who miss my posts...should just call me. Because I am doubly delightful to talk to.

While I'm's a few things that have brought laughter to my heart of late:

1. Had a hysterical conversation with my husband this morning. I'm going to by a new suitcase today, and I made the mistake of telling him (I knew I shouldn't), and he freaked out. Gave me an amusing lecture about how you just can't go out and buy have to SHOP first. He thinks a great deal about quality luggage, this man of mine...and I think it's pretty funny.

2. Did you know my sister is a superhero? Seriously. She single handedly saved the lives of everyone at the Holiday Inn Express in Jackson, MS a few weeks ago. It makes me smile.

3. If you're not watching 30 Rock, you really should be. Hi-larious. Check it out:">


A Southern Wedding Belle said...

I need to apologize for all the times I said that you aren't funny. Even what you think is funny, is funny! And by the way - Tom is right - shopping is very important!

McMel said...

i'm sure you're lovely to talk to, but when I call you, and you say, "i'll call you back tomorrow" and 2 weeks have gone by... I have to resort to your blogless blog. ;)

...putting down some roots?